"The Favorite of the Portuguese Women" Benamôr (Lisbon 1925)

    The miracle & Iconic cream of the Portuguese cosmetic history. Original name of the one most famous perfumery of Lisbon, the first Benamôr face cream has been formulated by a pharmacist in 1925. The secret of its incredible longevity relies on the traditional and manual preparation methods of its precious recipe, which have been kept unchanged along the years, and on its delicious textures. This adorable beauty cream was passed on through generations, and continues to be a reference for Portuguese women, regardless of age or skin type. Its iconic & adorable Art deco tube has become a Must-Have!

Everybody is surprised by the longstanding success of this wonderful beauty cream, which has maintained its original formula and extremely careful preparation methods unchanged. 
Benamôr not only is a cream, is a lovely product that conveys to the skin a shade of freshness.

Skin Type: 
It is a cream that is said to be adaptable to any type of skin. My skin is mixed and sensitive and I can use the face cream all day without feeling excessive oiliness in any face area. As for my skin it adapted really well.

It makes me very reminiscent of the texture of a primer. Thick, somewhat grainy and velvety. It may seem difficult to spread, but in reality it applies as an ordinary face cream. 

Where to buy :

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Corine de Farme + Vertty

Hey!! The heat came to Portugal! So I had to start using products for tanning correctly! The brand I'm using is Corine de Farme, and its spectacular! I used the cream 50 all day, and in the afternoon I used the ultra sunscreen! I am very pleased with these products. I recommend!